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Immortum Blog Latest Activity

Opportunities for care organisations

Discussions: 1 Messages: 0

Your Company Invite

by David Levey

Tue 30th Oct 2012 1:27am

Hospices (Coming soon aimed at Bringing communities together) Latest Activity

Hospice News

Hospice Organisations

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Hospice News

by David Levey

Wed 6th Feb 2013 10:10pm

Charities Latest Activity

Promote your cause

Discussions: 1 Messages: 0

Your Cause

by David Levey

Wed 31st Oct 2012 8:20am

General Latest Activity

1. Welcome Lounge

A place to introduce yourself and get acquainted.

Discussions: 19 Messages: 33

Hello everyone

by Kunik Goel

Sun 1st Sep 2013 7:43am

2. The Gift Of Life

A place to discuss the wonder of life.

Discussions: 44 Messages: 139

Feeling empowered

by Janice P.

Tue 10th Sep 2013 2:49am

3. Coping with Illnesses

A place to share your experiences. (Your own or anothers)

Discussions: 53 Messages: 141

Family member with mental issue

by DJ Johnis

Tue 10th Sep 2013 2:56am

4. Ultimum Spiritum

Birth to End of Life. (The Circle of Life) A Place To Share Your Thoughts.

Discussions: 27 Messages: 97

Blog It!

by Hester Prime

Tue 10th Sep 2013 2:39am

5. Worries & Concerns

A place to share and seek guidance

Discussions: 46 Messages: 113

My mother

by Anonymous

Fri 27th Mar 2015 1:53pm

6. Importance of Passing on Knowledge (Post-Life Chronicles)

A place to share ideas on imparting life knowledge to those you love.

Discussions: 24 Messages: 93

Journal Of Inspirational Quotes

by Annie Wilson

Wed 18th Mar 2015 4:07pm

7. Remberance

Your memories vs how you wish to be remembered

Discussions: 30 Messages: 96

My nephew, Gabriel...

by Phoenix Ray

Sun 8th Sep 2013 3:42pm

8. Grieving Our Lost One's

A place to share your feelings.

Discussions: 26 Messages: 83

Reinvesting in Other Relationships

by Lora G

Wed 11th Sep 2013 2:45pm

Industry Caregivers and Specialists Latest Activity

Pro Hospice Solutions

Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing training and support for those Hospice Heroes and Healthcare Warriors who continue to f...

Discussions: 3 Messages: 33

International Nursing Alliance

Where nurses come together to make a difference.

Discussions: 4 Messages: 22

Chaplain Paul Kozar (Moderator)

Spiritual soundings.

Discussions: 2 Messages: 7

GRIEF over the Grief Industry

by Paul Kozar

Sat 12th May 2012 1:56am

Mr William Karabinus

A year with Pancreatic Cancer and Still Grinning!

Discussions: 3 Messages: 3