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Shahina Lakhani

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The Systemic Intimidation Of The 99% And How To Take Our WellBeing Back Into Our Own Hands Starting With Health Care

For the last couple of months there has been a lot a of uproar and concern expressed by some active bloggers in the nursing community. The topic? Systemic and nationwide intimidation of nurses for corporate benefit at the expanse of the patients.

A lot of nurses are coming out to share their own horrible work conditions and how they have to constantly struggle between making a difference and avoiding persecution by the employers.

Nursing organizations, that nurses pay dues to, stand on the sideline and play dirty politics to avoid being caught as they serve interests of those who have no interest in patient outcomes or in the well being of the healthcare professionals.

Most of these organizations are, in fact, run by the puppets who have pledged their allegance to the big healthcare corporations. These big corporations seem to be in it mostly for money and control.

In the case of Arizona, the hospital, Banner Health, that fired and reported Amanda Trujillo to the Arizona board of Nursing  for providing patient education has close ties with the Board of Nursing.

In fact, we found out that at least one of the key players at AzBON is also in a prominent position at Banner Health. This is a huge conflict of interest. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case.

Not too long ago, when I was helping someone figure out how they could get more help from a hospice for continued and often debilitating grief after the death of their spouse, I ran into a similar situation in the hospice industry.

I volunteered to contact some of the non profit patient advocacy groups for hospice patients and their families to find out how this person could get more help.

According to National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC.org), bereavement counselling is a required service by hospice for up to one year after the death of a patient. This is a major marketing point used by hospices. However, most provide minimal services in this area.

So when this grieving spouse did not get enough help, he approached me. When I contacted the patient advocacy group in our area to get more information and support for this grieving spouse, I learned something horrifying.

I found out that one of the members on the board of directors of this advocacy group was the manager of the same hospice who failed to provide more than lip service to this person despite repeated requests.

What is even worse is that it is not only healthcare where wolves are trusted to guard the vulnerable. Such cases are rampant in our government too.

According to Huffington Post, Michael Taylor, senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA, has close ties with Monsanto, very close ties.

For those of you who do not know about Monsanto, this is the company that is responsible for the genetically modified food you and I eat often without even knowing that we are consuming products that have serious health consequences. There is plenty of research out there that proves how terribly dangerous these genetically modified food products are.

Ok so I have made my case, there is serious corruption and conflict of interest in almost all huge governmental and non governmental corporations. We are allowing the wolves to police our lives. As a result we, the general public, the 99%, are being eaten alive everyday.

So what is the solution?

Although the answer is not very easy, it is doable. We CAN take back health Care from a money centered business that uses patients, to a service centered business that makes money.

One of the very first step in the process is to wake up and admit that the wolves do not guard us, they are there to eat us alive. Second step is to gather people together and form alliances that really have our best interest at heart. 

For nursing, I believe one of the main steps is to stop paying the so called "Nursing" organizations that throw us under the bus and create one that will stand with us.

The question is what would such an organization look like? What will be on its bylaws? What type of people will serve on such an organization? I don't have all the answers, but each one of you as a current or potential patients must speak up and tell us what you want such an organization to be like.

The Wellbeing of the patients is very closely tied with the nursing profession. Nurses are the ones who are in the trenches looking out for your safety. But the increased intimidation they experience is wearing them down.

To all the nurses and healthcare professional, it is time to join hands, speak your mind about what type of organization you would like to create that stands by you as you are in the trenches saving lives.

Please leave your suggestions here. We are eager to hear from you.


Yours in love, peace and gratitude

Shahina Lakhani

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Shahina, being from outside your industry, I cannot be much help.  I just wanted to leave a word of support, so you know that what you are dealing with is of such great importance to the end user: the patient and surrounding loved ones.  However, this "housecleaning" has to be addressed from the inside.  I look forward to continuing to read of your progress!

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Gwenn Dalton

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I love it!! I love that you tell it as you see it and as alot of us see!!! I would love to be in your army to fight for our pt out comes and our own sanity!!!! Count me in!!!!





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Shahina Lakhani

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Thaks Gwen, we must all join hands to help stop what is going on and I am blessed to have you and others like you as my partners on this journey.

Sending you blessings