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Dayton Smith

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David Levey and Milo pitkin - worth a read!

I will never be able to thank you enough for flying out from England to met and guide Milo in the last days of his life. You are a man of character, integrity and honor no different than Milo and we need a lot more of people like you to step forward and help make this world a better place.

I would like this to be a testimonial regarding the website Immortum, the man who created it David Levey and a wonderful man named Milo Pitkin.

I met David during the Compassion & Choices seminar in Rosemont, IL. At this conference David went through his site and the intentions behind it. Being a business man for over 30 years I had felt David’s intentions for this site were pure and honorable. However, these qualities cannot be given they have to be earned.

Once David got back to England we emailed back and forth a few times and something wonderful developed out of our budding friendship.

My best friend ever in my life, Milo Pitkin had gone to a doctor complaining about gas in his stomach and ends up with terminal cancer on 5/28/12 and given 6 to 8 weeks to live. Milo had digressed rapidly and I went to see him Wednesday 7/11/12. In my view, Milo’s health had deteriorated significantly and it was my feeling he would be seeing his maker within a week.

The way Milo has faced death is no different than how he faced life. He has lived his life as a man with strong faith and conviction and is facing his death in the same dignified manner. Milo’s attitude has been an inspiration to me, his family and every person in his circle of friends.

During our conversation on 7/11/12 I mentioned Immortum to Milo and told him it just might be something he could get involved with his last days to leave something with his family well after he is gone.

On Thursday I emailed David Levey a little about Milo and the man he is. This is the point in time David began earning my trust which is no easy task.

David called me and stated he was booking a flight to Rockford on Friday to video Milo so when he gets that portion of his website done he would encompass it in his site. David also asked if I thought Milo might consider being a spokesman for Immortum as just maybe his strength, faith and unwavering beliefs could be an inspiration to thousands and maybe millions of others.

I called Milo’s wife Deloris and then talked to Milo and he was extremely excited about his death actually taking on life by his ability to help others.

David and I spent Saturday 7/14/12 and Sunday morning with Milo. This possibly was one of the most emotional and heartwarming experiences of my life time and I believe David felt the same way. David and I laughed and we cried and I believe Milo changed each of us, in our own way, for the balance of our life.

I believe David’s approach with Milo was very professional, caring and compassionate. What is most important is David not only earned my trust but that of Milo, his wife Deloris and Milo’s son Stephen.

Towards the end of our meetings David asked Deloris and I to leave and gave Milo the option of being the spokesman at his memorial and Milo being Milo ran with this and he himself will be his spokesman at what he calls his celebration of life and I cannot thank David enough.

As a tribute to Milo and the man he is I have to touch on a personal travesty that happened to me five years ago. This is when a Dr. Bhattacharya made my wife suffer terribly and via his intentional disregard of her life was the direct cause of her death. This is also when this same doctor along with the Management of Rockford Memorial Hospital joined together and withheld, destroyed and re-wrote her medical files 13 hours after the death Bhattacharya caused. This action threw me into today’s” Attorney’s” Justice System and due to this very cruel system, which claims a conspiracy of cover up is legal as long as it was done by the medical industry, I believe I am here for life.

Anyhow, when family and friends started to turn their backs to me as no one wanted to believe how screwed up our medical industry has become and the support it has by what attorney’s call a justice system and that Bhattacharya really did kill my wife and the hospital really did destroy her records after her death there was one man who stood by my side the entire time and that was Milo Pitkin. Milo proved to be a true friend and I will miss the support he offered me beyond words.

I only bring this tragedy in my life out as David Levey and Immortum completed a circle that is hard for me, Milo, Deloris, Janet and David to comprehend. Back in the beginning of May, Deloris found an article in the paper about a non for profit called “Delores DeGrandis Bedin Foundation for Patient and Elderly Rights”. This foundation was founded by the daughter of Delores, Janet Bedin.

Deloris clipped out this article and gave it to Milo and Milo sensed this was someone I should talk to and forwarded it to me. So Milo, Janet and I met for lunch a week prior to Milo being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Anyhow, Janet has faced a similar thing with her mom, as I did with Leanne, and we have become friends. It was Janet Bedin that asked me to go to the Compassion & Choices Conference where we met David Levey the creator of Immortum and when David sat across from Milo in Milo’s home it was a little over whelming to me.

Now David has four real friends in Deloris, Janet, Stephen and me and we all thank him for what he is trying to accomplish and I know Milo is hoping he has helped David move Immortum forward so it can do what David has designed and that is help families preserve the identity and life of their loved one.

Finally, I could never thank Milo enough for being there for me and passing on part of his friendship via David and Janet.

Thanks for being the man you are Milo.

Dayton Smith, Jr.