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Pro Hospice Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing training and support for those Hospice Heroes and Healthcare Warriors who continue to fight for end of life rights.

Added on Tue 16th Oct 2012 6:18pm   Last edited on Tue 16th Oct 2012 6:20pm

Gwenn Dalton

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Are you an advocate for the Hospice PHilosophy? If yes, share with me and others your ideas on things that need attention in order to maintain the hospice philosophy and integrity

I consider myself and advocat for my beloved end of life care work. I feel that capitalism is killing the very core of hospice. I understand people 's right to make money, but not in lieu of the very best pt care and out comes...never before those two things!!! So how do we get the big business man to loose interest in our programs and have them owned and run by folks who are completely dedicated to this kind of work, who are driven by what it feels like to know you helped facilitate a 'good death'. That is me!! That is my dream. I believe with all my heart that my dream is so close to being real. I will prove that hospice can be sucessful ( and I will live nicely) with out taking one red cent away from my pt and their family. My employees will be supported with the finest training that can be had and there will be the amount of staff needed to care for these pt and their family as they should be. Does this mean I may have to take a few dolloars less? Maybe, then so be it!!!!! Yes , so be it!!! Im not driven by the all mighty dollar.( not to say I don'tm like having money) but I like providing the best care and pt having the best outcomes even better!!! Yeah , there are really people left like me in this very money hungry country of ours. Something has been lost  in recent years. If it hurst your heart like it does mine, then talk to me. Lets find a way together. Abslutely nothing is impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!