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Added on Wed 10th Jul 2013 8:33pm   Last edited on Tue 10th Sep 2013 2:56am

DJ Johnis

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Family member with mental issue

Over the past holiday weekend we had an issue arise that let everyone in the family be aware of one member's recent illness, it seems this person is having anxiety issues as well as random outburst of rage. He ended up skipping his doctor visits for two full months and the holiday ended within an hour of starting. How are others coping with this? Medical issues I have dealt with fine, but mental issues is another story.

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Virginia Denton

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It's really difficult to deal with a mentally ill adult because you can't just make them go to the doctor without legal intervention. Is there someone in the family that he respects and listens to more than anyone else? If so, I would try having that person talk to him first. If not, you may have to go the route of hiring a lawyer and having him ordered by the court to get treatment.

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Numero Uno

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Well, he is going to have to realize that he can die alone, because no one wants to be around him. Or, he can decide to straighten up his act, and then maybe he can enjoy a few more good times with family.

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Basha L

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I agree with VIrginia. I guess there is a family member or a friend who he trusts more than anyone else. Dealing with a family member with mental or emotional issues has its own set of challenges and struggles. Be more patient and understanding.