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Added on Wed 4th Sep 2013 1:48am   Last edited on Wed 11th Sep 2013 2:45pm

Lora G

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Reinvesting in Other Relationships

According to William Worden, a psychologist, one way to work through grief is to reinvest our emotion in other relationships. However, this doesn't mean that we should totally forget our loved ones in order to move on and find new relationships. 

Added on Sun 8th Sep 2013 3:32pm   Last edited on Sun 8th Sep 2013 3:32pm

Hester Prime

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When my mom died, we told our dad that it would be totally okay with us if ever he found someone new to love and to be with. However, he wasn't really interested in meeting anyone, and he found our idea funny. He said he loved our mom so much that it would be hard to replace her.