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Every Loss

Posted by David Levey on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 9:50pm

Each passing brings with it a pain. Each pain is unique to the loss. Each loss determined by its value. 

Pain, unique loss and value will determine the time it takes to heal.

We all know a pain of this magnitude will happen upon us as this is life's way. Yet, we are never prepared for it when it arrives.

Monday perhaps, tonight even - when the bell tolls as the phone goes and when it does grief is upon us.

Each passing brings with it confusion, worry, angst, tears and a tummy turning sickening that confuses the mind that their is no route forward.

Yet in the same passing it sheds light on a new life that unfolds day by day until the pain and loss is replaced by a value one never saw.

We all know that from the initial bell that tolls to the new value we could not have seen - exists time!

Time allows thoughts, reflection and tears. A period of such grace and inner exploration to oneself that is a journey we all face. 

A passing can be many things. A loved one just departed to the end of a relationship - each demise has a period defined by time.