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The Point Is Passing It On

Posted by Anonymous Individual on Fri 6th Sep 2013 11:25am

Much of my own life story, be it the journey I have taken or the total of all I have chosen to leave my family remains private here - awaiting its delivery date when the time is correct and past my end date.

We hear old phrases "taking secrets to our grave's" - as time draws close I see the futility in the statement.

We all come in to the world empty headed and spend a life time filling it up. To take any of what have learned "with us" makes the knowing of it redundant.

Would we have a car and not drive it? or a home and not live in it? Would we destroy the car or home we own? No - yet these are simple mere things. Why therefore would we "know" a thing and bury or cremate it?

It occurs to me as I look back over my years at all those I have loved and lost that what bought me the comfort when they were with me was the personalities they were. Their personalities shaped and moulded by all they knew and believed.

Taking it with them as many of them did was the biggest loss of all.

As for me, well as much as I can remember I have left. It may be of value it may be not, but it will bring about a smile to those that recieve it in the same way Id smile within were I to recieve a letter from those I have known who have transcended.

I would urge all to do the same as one day this will be all that will remain - for memories fade.

A compendium of one's knowledge is ultimately the greatest gift we can give.