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Coping With Loss

Posted by Support Team on Wed 25th Sep 2013 9:56am

When the final curtain calls be it expected or not one's emotions are scattered to the four corners of the universe. We each and every one of us deal with a loss in our own very unique way.

Coping with loss can be instant for some, gradual for others and never achievable many. Which one we are depends upon many factors from how our feeling developed during childhood to the level and relationship we had with the individual.

It is true to say that in any circumstance whatever one feels and wherever you are in the emotional peaks and troughs that you are completely normal and in every way.

As we age we perhaps become accepting of the experience of "loss and demise" as part of life's cycle and in that “accepting” we see a grace that our lack of experience in our youth could not have known. With this we can often move past the pain associated in coping with a loss and transcend to a peaceful place immediately. 

By peaceful one would mean an inner peace at seeing the value and beauty of the person now departed.

Sight, sound and scent all serve as reminders to us and often make us physically smile at the memories which return of our loved and lost.

Letters, journals, photos, videos! We are surrounded in today’s world by many elements that assist us in coping with loss and moving to a less painful place.

Seek these elements as they will assist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with whatever helps you cope. Take her perfume and scent her T-shirt... carry it with you if it helps. Ware his slippers, read their favourite book - it’s just all assists with inner healing.

Get angry, be happy, cry, smile, scream or shout but never doubt wherever you are that you are “not normal" – you are.

There are many places you can get support, family friends and grief counsellors. Write your feelings down (see: bit.ly/1anFLjy) and keep them private or share them with others, it helps. Visit forums and share with others in similar situations (see: bit.ly/15soR5n)

The sun never drops out of the sky at night and never just switches on in the morning as with coping, it remains a gradual process.

Should you have difficulty in coping with your loss you can contact us at immortum and we will offer our assistance. Be it any of our free services or finding the most suitable professional for you.