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Angels among us

Posted by David Levey on Fri 27th Mar 2015 1:45pm

With Kind permission from the Author Sheila Davis When you've lost one of the loves in your life, briefly, you look back. You can't move forward if you're constantly looking back, but every so often it's OK to look back at some of the memories and events that brought you comfort and joy on your life's journey.

When Nicci was diagnosed with cancer we prayed for a band of angels to watch over her and strengthen her on her journey; and when she went in to Hospice care, we prayed for more angels to help lead her Home. Each time, God blessed our family, and our beautiful Nichole with bands of angels that we could not even begin to phathom.

The first band of angels were my coworkers. From day one of her diagnosis, they cried with us, and began a pledge of love that carried us for five and a half years! These lovely angels, prepared meals for Nicci and her family; they raised funds to send them to Disney World to create a memory that would last the children a lifetime; they walked and raised money and awareness for Breast Cancer every October; they Christmas caroled; they did anything they possibly could to promote a peaceful journey for my daughter.

This band of angels lifted and carried me through her calling hours and funeral with their love, tears, and smiles, and I will be forever grateful that God let me recognize angels here on earth. Our second band of angels we met at Tusc Co Hospice House, with our beloved Jan Miller leading the way. From the moment we first met Jan, she calmed Nicci's fears. There were no promises made, there was just an abundance of peace and love that Nicci and I felt at that first meeting.

Again, God put us where we needed to be surrounded by angels. He heard our prayers. Nicci was blessed with the best doctors, nurses, aides, clergy, counselors, dieticians. She was overwhelmed at times with the compassion and love of so many.

This is where Nicci found peace and solace with her disease. She had been trying to prepare us, her family, along this journey, but when she knew in her heart that her days were becoming limited here with us, she opened up and trusted this band of angels to safely allow her to go Home.

I will be forever grateful to Jan Miller and Dr Harper, and the entire staff at Community Hospice for loving my little girl and making her journey's end a miracle to behold. I will also be grateful to the 7,000+ angels who we do not even know, who visited Nicci's Prayer & Support page on Facebook, to sing her Home at 5:00 pm March 30, 2014....they all dropped what they were doing and sang "You Are My Sunshine". There are angels among us, and God will let you recognize them.