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Angels among us

With Kind permission from the Author Sheila Davis When you've lost one of the loves in your life, briefly, you look back. You can't move forward if you're constantly looking back, but every so often it's OK to look back at some of the memories and events that brought you comfort and joy on your life's journey.

When Nicci was diagnosed...

Posted by David Levey on Fri 27th Mar 2015 1:45pm


Seshendra Sharma : A synoptic biobraphy

The literary world is aware that my father Gunturu Seshendra Sarma, eminent poet, litterateur and scholar-critic, died on 30th may 2007. Ever since he expired, there has been no mention of his parents, family members and other personal details in the news and...


Unjust Desperation

Desperation is the key to this how thing we call life. From what I see anyway.  Desperation is what drives up to get the better things...

Posted by Denesha Mills on Wed 14th May 2014 2:42pm


I wish I knew you more........your secrets, your knowledge, what made you...you.

It seems to be one of the consistent things in my life. Loss, of loved ones. 

People who had an amazing impact on me and made my life better in one way or another.  People who helped to make me who I have become. Neighbors, friends and family. 

The first loss that I remember was my Grandmother. 

I remember you vaguely, Grandma.  I...

Posted by Darrell Miller on Wed 19th Feb 2014 12:32am


Coping With Loss

When the final curtain calls be it expected or not one's emotions are scattered to the four corners of the universe. We each and every one of us deal with a loss in our own very unique way.

Coping with loss can be instant for some, gradual for others and never achievable many. Which one we are depends upon many factors...

Posted by Support Team on Wed 25th Sep 2013 9:56am


The Point Is Passing It On

Much of my own life story, be it the journey I have taken or the total of all I have chosen to leave my family remains private here - awaiting its delivery date when the time is correct and past my end date.

We hear old phrases "taking secrets to our grave's" - as time draws close I see the futility in...

Posted by Anonymous Individual on Fri 6th Sep 2013 11:25am


Every Loss

Each passing brings with it a pain. Each pain is unique to the loss. Each loss determined by its value. 

Pain, unique loss and value will determine the time it takes to heal.

We all know a pain of this magnitude will happen upon us as this is life's way. Yet, we are never prepared for it when it arrives.

Monday perhaps, tonight...

Posted by David Levey on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 9:50pm


Jacob Bear

My origins are not important nor am I,  you alone ended up in my email inbox by way of a dear friend. 

Perhaps I will meet you one day as you alone have drawn me from a dark place and made me see the dark does have a little brightness. 


Posted by Anonymous Individual on Tue 14th May 2013 10:13pm