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To my Jacob Bear



by Nancy Tillman



On the night you were born,

The moon smiled with such wonder

That the stars peeked in to see you

And the night wind whispered,

“Life will never be the same.”

Because there had never been anyone like you…ever in the world.

So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain

That they whispered the sound of your wonderful name.

It sailed through the farmland


Posted by Claire Wright on Wed 24th Apr 2013 9:59pm


Carry On Soldier

Yesterday my family laid to rest one of America's most dedicated Army soldiers. Although this man was my ex husband, He remained a very important part of my life and a spiritual connection that I am sure will go on forever.

I am deeply sad and I am realizing that that is for my loss, not for his. Gary is free...

Posted by Gwenn Dalton on Tue 23rd Apr 2013 1:12pm


Bob Wright - Claires Husband and Jacobs Dad

It seems the further away my little boys departing gets the stronger the need to be with him is. I miss and love him dearly and give my thanks for being able to keep his precious memories alive on this site. x


Posted by Claire Wright on Mon 22nd Apr 2013 7:52pm


A year on

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. Today is the first day since my beautiful baby bot died at 16 months, that I have not been able to say this time last year we................. As this time last year I was sat in his room at the hospice where his body was taken looking at my angel son...

Posted by Claire Wright on Sun 21st Apr 2013 7:32am



What is Balance? I often wonder about this question. What I have often heard is that, it is about allocating ample time to both spiritual and worldly aspect of your life so that you do not over indulge in one and neglect the other.  Easier said than done! 


How about balance within various areas of your worldly life? Work, home, immediate family...

Posted by Nadia Huda on Tue 26th Mar 2013 8:29pm


Life never ceases to amaze me. It keeps moving and changing. What seemingly appears the same goes through trmendous change but our eyes can't see these changes.

Over the years I have learned to expect that nothing will remain same. However, change still sometimes is hard for me.

I often think of my sister Samina and my father both of whom passed...

Posted by Shahina Lakhani on Tue 26th Mar 2013 5:54pm


Setting you free

I lived with you, loved you, you raised me and you taught me. I watched you grow older, wither and finally perish. You were and are my father.

21st January 1991, I stood by your wife (my mother) and we held your hands for 17 hours as you died.

You gave it your all, have to say, but finally as the doctor...

Posted by David Levey on Fri 22nd Feb 2013 1:57am


Nothing new.

Recently I had the honour of being invited to spend time with a man whose age was ripe and time was lacking. 

Wisdom oozed from him as he spoke of the world that he had spent time within for the years that had passed.

Spanning the decades of his life, he had seen so much. Cars and televisions were but a concept...

Posted by David Levey on Tue 29th Jan 2013 10:09pm


What a great thing

I have cancer and I will die because of it.

I have been scarred not because of my cancer but because I will leave my babies behind. This was never my dream of being a father.

I saw a tribute today of Mr Pitkin. I want to say to Jayne (my great friend) thanks for forwarding it too me.

I have tried to...

Posted by Vincent Wechsler on Tue 30th Oct 2012 10:40pm


A Companion of the Cross


A Companion of the Cross

It was almost a year ago when I ran across an exhibition of relics on the internet that was being sponsored by a community of priests and brothers called “Companions of the Cross.” I don’t know why but at the time I was deeply drawn to them so I started looking over their site at

Posted by Bill Karabinus on Tue 31st Jul 2012 7:09pm

Advice on How to Live Life

Like most people, I get lots of junk mail & silly chain letters sent to me daily. And to be honest, I don’t usually read them… I just hit the delete button without even opening the email.  For some reason though, I read the one below. (Thank you to whoever sent it to me.)  

Posted by Robyn Stoller on Tue 31st Jul 2012 2:02am