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Message for Bill Karabinus

To Bill, I know your earthly journey ended but I am sure you continue to be a champion of those in need. Thank you for all you did during your stay on earth.Thank you for connecting with me and teaching me a lesson I am ashamed to admit. I am sure you know what I am talking about!!! Happy transition, Gwenn
Added by Gwenn Dalton
on Mon 8th Oct 2012 9:26pm

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In Memoriam of William Dean Karabinus Born: March 16, 1959 Death: August 23, 2012 March 16, 1959 - August 23, 2012 William... Read the full message

Added by Suzanne Ware

Thu 13th Sep 2012 5:34pm

Hey Bill, I know you have been battered about recently and feel under the weather but be positive... Read the full message

Added by David Levey

Mon 30th Jul 2012 10:45pm

Hey champ, sorry we couldnt meet in person. Just wanted to let you know I thinking of you... Read the full message

Added by David Levey

Thu 28th Jun 2012 2:39pm