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Message for Deloris Pitkin

Milo Pitkin was a dear friend and I miss him terribly. I am honored to have been involved in helping David co-ordinate not only this tribute to Milo but Milo’s message to the world. David put this together and did a wonderful job but my little part was to put Milo and David together as I knew David could not find a better man to be his spokesman for this wonderful new website Immortum.
Part of Milo’s objective in becoming a spokesman for Immortum was the hope he could help others deal with some of the curves life throws us, not necessarily in facing death but other major obstacles most of us come across in the span of our life. To realize Milo was just a couple of days away from death when he and David put this together is still a little hard to comprehend. This experience with Milo will affect me for the rest of my life and I believe David feels the same way.
Milo was not only a man of strong faith but a man of integrity, honor and principles and his death is a major loss for the people who knew and loved him. However, he will live on in each of our hearts for the people who knew him and through Immortum for the people who did not.
I am honored to be able to have had Milo as my friend and I hope his message to the world takes hold as we need a lot more people in this world like Milo Pitkin.
Dayton Smith, Jr.
Added by Dayton Smith
on Thu 1st Nov 2012 2:57pm

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