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Francis J. Aguilar

Age: 80

Date of Birth: 18/08/1933
Date of Passing: 17/02/2013

Nickname: Frank
Birthplace: New York City
Place of Death: Portsmouth New Hampshire
Cause of Death: Gallbladder Cancer

Francis J Aguilar, died peacefully in Portsmouth New Hampshire with his loving family on February 17 2013.

His passing due to several years of fighting gallbladder cancer.

Born on 19th August 1932 in New York.

Frank Studied and graduated from the Cardinal Hayes High School in 1950 with a B.E.E.

An accomplished man who served his country as a US aviator squadron legal officer between the years of 1954 to 1957.

A business man who attended Harvard business school and graduated with an M.B.A in 1959.

During his business years he was adept at consulting with other organisations in stategic planning and business ethics. A published man during his time.

Frank was a loving family man to his core.


Cherished Thoughts

He loved time with his family at home. To kayak was a pleasure.

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Funny Moments

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He was a keen walker and walked the Four Thousan Footers in all seasons and many of the highest peaks in New England.

He took Mount Matterhorn in his prime.

A wonderful man with many interests and loved the outdoors from walking to skiing. Yet a peaceful man who love the solitude of the arts, opera and classical music.

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Survived By

His Wife Gillian and father to two sons Bruce and John. His brother Werner, grandfather to Kim Harvey and Anne Marie extended family by marriage and many loving friends.

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