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Audrey Owen

Age: 71

Date of Birth: 17/10/1943
Date of Passing: 1/04/2014

Nickname: Auds
Birthplace: Thornaby - On - Tees
Place of Death: Tewkesbury
Cause of Death: Cancer

Audrey Owen – 18 October 1943 – 1 April 2014 - passed peacefully at home with family in her 71st year of life.

Audrey Owen was born in Thornaby-on-Tees in the North of England. Due to family circumstances at the time, she lived with her Nana Shipley until she was six years old. She then rejoined the family to live with her brothers, Robbie and Stuart and her parents Jayne and Jimmy for the remainder of her formative years.

As a teenager, when she was barely old enough, she joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service and was the youngest recruit to take the Queen’s shilling.

After several years service in the Navy, she swapped her uniform to become a Navy wife, living mainly in Malta and Cyprus interspersed with short periods in her adopted home of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. Whilst living in Cyprus during the early 1980s, she returned to work for the Joint Services unit at Ay Nik as the Movements Clerk until 1987. Responsible for the travel of over 1,000 personnel and their families, she put the fear of God into many a Colonel and squaddie who relied upon her for their safe and speedy return to the UK on leave or on permanent posting.

Upon her return to the UK she returned to her home in Tewkesbury and became a highly respected and valued Financial Administrator working for local companies in the light industry sector.

Sadly, Audrey lost her husband, Dave, to a road accident in 1991. However, fate played its part and before long she met and pursued Malcolm who became her long term partner and fiancé. Malcolm supported, loved and cherished her to the end.

Over the last two decades, she was well known in the local community and at the White Bear public house as the driving force behind collecting money for the Meat Raffle and the Lotto Bonus Ball Elite. However, she was also a prolific fundraiser for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and even after her death she had requested that donations be made to the RNLI rather than friends give flowers.

Sadly, Audrey passed away on 1st April 2014 after a short but brave battle with cancer.

Cherished Thoughts

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Added on Fri 4th Apr 2014 8:56pm

Sarah Marjoribanks

Location: Edinburgh
Member since: 25/06/2012
Mother, what will I do without you? You were a five foot two, fiery llttle spitfire, who ruled the family with love, kindness and straight talking (you can't take true northern grit out of the girl!). My life will carry on full of happy memories, you were greatly loved and shall be truly missed. There is a big hole in my heart where your voice should be. My promise is to carry on and live life to the full, see the world, be there for your grand children and future generations, pass on your wisdom just as you would wish it. God bless my love. Xx
Added on Sat 5th Apr 2014 8:32am

Andy Marjoribanks

Member since: 28/06/2012
As long as I have known Audrey which is now well over thirty three years I have always loved her for her straight talking. Underneath the straight talking exterior though was a heart of gold and a lady with a sometimes irreverent sense of humour. This was one of the reasons why she became a surrogate mother for so many young soldiers who were posted overseas and needed to "let off steam" or chat to someone other than their squaddie colleagues. The young lads that she looked after all those years ago have remained firm friends and speak of Audrey with great affection. I was the lucky one as I became a member of her family when I married her daughter Sarah.....somewhere along the way I must have passed her "test." Audrey, you will be glad to know that you have left a legacy in Sarah as she is like you in many ways. I consider myself a very lucky man to have been accepted into your family but more importantly privileged to have spent many hours in your company benefiting from your wisdom, laughing at your sense of humour, but most of all knowing that I was loved like your own son. You are going to be greatly missed - RIP "Mum."
Added on Sat 5th Apr 2014 12:36pm

karen Owen

Member since: 22/02/2013
I always said that you were strong enough to out live us all Mum, Growing up we really never saw eye to eye on many levels, you the hard working mother of three and me a spoiled bratt, who would rather have shipped out than ship in,However, On becoming a mother myself, It become apparently clear to me that there is truly no rule book when it come to bringing up children... My dearest mum,we did have our ups and downs , some real humdingers, but out of it came a true closeness, a deep unwavering love and respect for you I once thought never possible... Mum you, were the only person i could ever threaten the kids with when they overstepped the mark.... Secretly mum I knew you gave them pocket money and just told them to be good ...I am missing you so much already, knowing you wont be at the end of the phone or a quick run up the road for a cuppa so that we could put the worlds to rights.....
for my beautiful sister Sarah Marjoribanks and my strong loving brother David Levey, Malcolm Taylor(dad) . ,Our mum and Fiance, Nana and GG was the most important woman in all our lives, she is with us every waking moment, in spirit, in our minds eye, in our hearts, in our thoughts, she will grow within our children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren... she will love us from the heavens, and advizes us in our dreams, I am eternally grateful not only to have been born of Audrey, but to have you all as part of my family, Thank you MUM FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME XX
Added on Sat 5th Apr 2014 5:08pm

trish thomas

Member since: 5/04/2014
The first christmas after dad died, mum,gilly and myself weren't looking forward to christmas without him.
So when we received an invitation from you to come down from scotland to spend a few days with you and your family. It was just what the doctor ordered.
three funfilled days with lots of laughing, chatting and taking the mickey.
I thank you for making us so welcome and for me it was another step on my road to recovery after the loss of my dad.
Much Love x
Added on Sun 6th Apr 2014 8:21am

Mike Podmore

Member since: 6/04/2014
I first met Audrey through my initial contact with Andy and Sarah whilst serving in the same regiment in Cyprus. She immediately struck me as a straight forward talking person, fun loving and you always knew where you stood with her - whether it was for the good or bad! She always made me feel part of her family and there was always a warm welcome every time I called in to see them which was very often. It was also great to know someone you could discuss your problems with to seek advice and believe me I had plenty of those! Unfortunately we will not be able to attend the funeral as we are in Amsterdam at the time but our thoughts from all of us (Pauline, Matthew, Catherine and I) will be with you all. Please drink a G & T for me in memory of the many I had with Audrey. All our love and best wishes to the family during this sad time. Mike
Added on Mon 7th Apr 2014 8:34pm

Sue Copeland

Member since: 7/04/2014
I first met Audrey in 1982 at the beginning of my tour in Cyprus. I had been drinking in the village with some of the lads from my watch and as we staggered back to the camp someone said "I know, let's go and see Audrey!". I protested that it was two o'clock in the morning and she'd hardly be very pleased to be woken up, but they all said "Oh no, Audrey won't mind!" I was still muttering "I'm pretty sure she will" as we let ourselves into the darkened house. And then, to my amazement, Audrey came beaming into the living room wearing her dressing gown and offered us all a drink and sat down and chatted and laughed with us, and introduced herself to me.
She and Jess were the warmest, most hospitable couple I have ever met, and I have many happy memories of hilarious evenings at their house, spent eating, drinking and laughing.
And later, I had even more reason to be grateful to her, when I spent one of the happiest time of my life house-sitting for her with my boyfriend, which she kindly invited us to do so we could spend more time together than army regulations at the time would otherwise permit.
She was also a fount of wise advice and a great comfort to me during difficult times.
We remained in touch back in the UK, and I was inspired by her stoicism following Jess's tragic death and was so pleased that she found happiness again with Mal.
Audrey was unique, a one-off, a legend: she gave so much love, and we all loved her back - none of us will ever forget her.
Added on Tue 8th Apr 2014 2:06pm

Cheri Talbot

Member since: 8/04/2014
Dearest Friend,
Twenty Five years ago you came into my life, made me feel a part of your family
and I am proud to be so.
You gave me away at my Wedding to Ian, you and Mal are grandparents to Ethan & Dylan.
Your neverending support and Love over the years show's what a fantastic person you were
and how lucky we were to have you in our lives. Your crazy sense of fun and all the crazy things
we have done together over the years.
We have been truly blessed.
We will always Love You Dear One.
Keep the Bar open in Heaven.
Cheri, Ian. Ethan & Dylan
Added on Tue 8th Apr 2014 6:37pm

Helen Curtis

Member since: 8/04/2014
I first met Auds in 1989 and she always made me feel comfortable and part of the family from day one. Nothing was ever too much trouble and she was one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. She seemed to take a turn for the worse after the shock of Dave’s death, and for a while she was sad and a little lost. However, all of that changed when Mal came on the seen – a bit like a knight in shining armour he rescued her from loneliness and rekindled her interest in life. Suddenly she was going to jazz festivals, holidaying in Africa and generally enjoying life again. That’s how I will always remember Auds – warm, fun-loving and always up for a party. She will never be forgotten – rest in peace.
Added on Thu 10th Apr 2014 5:48am


Member since: 10/04/2014
Audrey is a very generous, strong, gregarious person who has always believed in enjoying life. As well as a very dear daughter-in-law to Dorothy I have treasured a truly loving sister-in-law. In another age Audrey's bubbly personality shone through in her many wonderful letters to Mum and forged a lifelong bond and an irrevicable link between our families across the world. How lucky we are. We always new the latest of family life and how our nieces and nephew were growing up through life thanks to a birds eye view from Audrey.
Audrey would love to have Mum go over for a holiday, Audrey would trip home from work full of smiles and say "hi Mum, I've got the Cherry Bakewells dig in".
A very warm welcome was always waiting at 16 Grayston Close, that I and my family have been very lucky to experience on more than one occasion. A Christmas with Audrey and Mal was truly magical. Love always xxxx
Added on Fri 11th Apr 2014 7:54am

Gillian Oversby

Member since: 11/04/2014
April 1st was a very sad day for all of us who knew Auds. Today also will be very sad.
All of us who knew Auds should feel very privileged to have known such a fantastic, warm, caring, honest, straight talking. dare i say fiesty LADY who touched our lives and enriched them.
I have known Auds for over 43 years and in that time we have laughed, cried,. disagreed sometimes but she was always my "adopted mum" and always will be. RIP Auds. My love forever Gilly.xxxxx
Added on Tue 31st Mar 2015 9:22pm

David Levey

Location: United Kingdom
Member since: 5/04/2012
It has been a full year in a few hours - there are no words i can express that describe your loss. I love you mother with all of my heart. You were nothing shy of perfect.
Added on Tue 17th Nov 2015 11:46pm

David Levey

Location: United Kingdom
Member since: 5/04/2012
Added on Tue 17th Nov 2015 11:47pm

David Levey

Location: United Kingdom
Member since: 5/04/2012
Love and miss you mother. X
Added on Tue 3rd Jan 2017 9:42pm

David Levey

Location: United Kingdom
Member since: 5/04/2012
Love and miss you mom .. X

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Survived By

Audrey is survived by her three very proud children Sarah, Karen and David, five grandchildren, one great grandson and her fiancé, Malcolm whose unconditional love sustained Audrey in her final weeks. She will be remembered fondly by everyone long after she has gone.

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Whilst growing up I can never recall my mother telling me once "what I could not do"- those words never left her lips. It was always, "David you can do that or anything you set your mind too".

As a result I grew believing in my very core that no matter what I wished to do - it simply would "get done".

Perhaps the greatest gift one can instill in a child is what "they can do" - now history repeats itself as my son grows being taught the same life lesson.

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